Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade 2021 Admission Guide for International Students

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I. General Information

Founded in 2004, Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade (FUIST) was upgraded into a non-government sponsored regular university upon the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2011, and it is the first non-governmentaluniversity in Fujian Province to be allowed to recruit international students.FUIST attaches great importance to international exchanges andwork in partnership with more than 20 high-level international universities, including University of Plymouth, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, De Montfort University, University of Chester, Alliant International University, University of Western Australia, Galileo Global Education, Haute Ecole de la Province de Liege, and University of Debrece.International collaboration programs covers many aspects such as joint training of undergraduate and postgraduate students,teachers and students exchange, summer and winter academic research as well as academicvisits for further study.Actively responding to “the Beltand Road” Initiative,FUIST enrolls students from Vietnam, Nepal, Morocco, Liberia, Laos, Mongolia, Thailand and other countries along “the Beltand Road”, with118international students so far.

The University is located in Changle District of Fuzhou City, the Capital of Fujian Province. Changle, a portal to Fuzhou, has long been known as a “Coastal Cultural City”. Surrounded by mountains, the campus is designed to fit into the beautiful scenery around. The campus covers an area of more than 100 hectares withabuilding area of370,000 square meters and ownsthe teaching and researchequipment witha total value of more than 140 millionyuan. There areover 3 millioncopies ofprint and electronic books, more than 140 laboratories, and300 off-campus training bases.

The University has36 undergraduate majors, including International Economics and Trade, Economic Statistics, Financial Engineering, Civil Engineering etc., covering discipline categories such as Economics, Literature, Management,Engineering,Art and Education. The University has more than 17,500 registered full-time students.

II. Program Introduction (Taught in English)

International Economics and Trade (Economics)

III. Application Requirements

1. Age:18-25 years old (included);

2. Foreign students graduates from high school. 4) For applicants who are Chinese (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) emigrants with foreign nationality, or who are born with foreign nationality and their parent (s) are Chinese citizen but living abroad, the applicant shall not only have a valid foreign passport or certificate of nationality for more than 4 years, but also have lived abroad for at least 2 years within the last four years, which is based on April 30, 2021 as the end date. A nine-month actual residence abroad in one single year (subject to entry and exit stamps) can be regarded as one year.

3. Passing the university entranceassessment

4.Financially capable of self-supporting for living and studying in China and international traveling (about 30,000yuan/year)

IV. Application

1. Application process

(1) Submit an application

Time: BeforeJuly 30, 2021

Documents (please download relevant application forms from the University website:/gjzx/info/1094/1623.htm) :

①FUIST application form forinternational students;

②Electronic photo;

③Scanned copy of passport (The expiration date of the passport should be later than August 2022);

④Certificate of the highest academic diploma/degree (notarized scannedcopy);

⑤Transcripts ofhighest academic diploma/degree (notarizedscannedcopy with GPA);

⑥Certificate of English Proficiency, if there is a certificate of Chinese proficiency, itshould be provided together.

⑦Health certificate;

⑧Personal CV, including: study and working experience, special achievements, study plan in FUIST, certification of awards;

⑨Certificate of No Criminal Record

⑩Certificate of Economic Guarantee (Account Statement or Certification of Deposit Equivalent to RMB 20000 or above);

Please compress all of the above documents into a package and send it to this email address:fuist-study@fzfu.edu.cn

(2) Qualification verification

If you haven’t received any reply in two weeks after your submission, do not hesitate to contact us atfuist-study@fzfu.edu.cn

(3) Pre-admission and registration fee payment

After qualification verification, we will send Letter of Pre-admission to New International Students,and theregistration fee (No refund) should be paid in time upon receipt of Letter of Admission, then scan the remittance sheet and send it tofuist-study@fzfu.edu.cn (Please indicate your name, contact information and other basic information in the e-mail).

(4) Documents delivering and payment

We will send thescanned copies ofLetter ofAdmissionandVisa Application for Study in China (JW202) to your E-mail. After receiving the scanned copies,you shall remitBed reservation feeto the University’s bank account immediately, then scan the remittance sheet and send it tofuist-study@fzfu.edu.cn (Please indicate your name, contact information and other basic information in the e-mail).

After that we will send youLetter ofAdmission andVisa Application for Study in China (JW202). Please remit tuition to the University’s bank account within the stipulated time, then scan the remittance sheet and send it tofuist-study@fzfu.edu.cn (Please indicate your name, contact information and other basic information in the e-mail) .

(5) Visa application

International students shall apply for visa to study in China at the Chinese embassy or consulate-general in their home country with a valid passport, theLetter of Admission,Visa Application for Study in China (JW202), andForeigner Physical Examination Form (Please E-mail us which consulate you are applying for your visa and tell us the full name of the consulate).

(6) Registration

International students must registerat FUIST at the time specified in theLetter of Admission along with the above-mentioned documentsof visa and ten copies of 2-inch recent ID photos. Please note that if you take physical examination outside China, you shall take it again in Fuzhou at your own expense. To avoid the trouble that may be caused by the expired visa, please do not arrive in China too early. Please report your arrival to the University upon arrival.

2. Visa and insurance

(1) Visa. Students who have been admitted to the University shall take theLetter of Admission and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) to Chinese embassy to apply for X or F visa. If your program is more than six months, you shall apply for X1 visa and transit it into Residence Permit for Study within 30 days after landing in China with the help of International Students Office. If your program is within half a year, you shall apply for X2 visa.

(2) Insurance. Ministry of Education of P. R. China regulates that all the international students shall purchase medical insurance in China. For those who do not possess the required medical insurance, the University will notprocesshis/her registration.

Reference for Required Fees


Criteria (RMB)




academic year


Average 3200RMB/student/year for a twin room

Based on the charging standard for international students, excluding the expenses for personal items, water or electricity fee.


About 400-800RMB/

academic year

Based on actualprice of textbooks in each semester.

Health Insurance


Based on actual quotation from insurance companies.

Physical Examination

Average 500RMB/student

1. According to the provisions of the Chinese authorities,all the international students shall take the physical examination;

2. On the basis of the charging standard published by Fujian International Travel Health care Center.


Average 400RMB/certificate

Collectedby localExit-entryAdministrationPublic Security

Cost of Living


Depending on individual preference.

Registration Fee

500 RMB

Collected upon receipt of Pre-admission, no refund

Deposit for bed occupancy

2000 RMB

Collected upon receipt of scanned copy of Letter ofAdmission and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) ; this can be used to offset the tuition and accommodation fee.

V. Scholarship

The university grants Scholarship for Excellent International Students of English-taught programs:


Scholarship details

First Prize

100% exemption from the tuition and accommodation fee for the current academic year

Second Prize

100% exemption from the tuition for the current academic year

Third Prize

Exemption of RMB 10,000 from the tuition and accommodation fee for the current academic year

Fourth Prize

Exemption of RMB 10,000 from the tuition for the current academic year

(1) Selection Criteria

For the first academic year, scholarships are assessed in the order of high school grades (GPA) and international students are required to pass the University entrance examination.

For the following academic year(s), the Final Comprehensive Assessment Achievements of the last academic year shall be taken as the criteria. Students who pass the examination are ranked based on the results, and those who fail the examination are turned into self-financed students.

(2)Note:Studentswon’t simultaneously get both University Scholarship and International Students Scholarship provided by the Fujian Province government.

VI. Way ofPayment

1.Payment in cash;

2.Remittance toFUIST’s bank account with the following information:

Account Name

Fuzhou University of

International Studies and Trade

Bank Account Number


Bank Name

China Construction Bank

North City Sub-branch

Remittance Notes

“International Student”+ your full name


Address: No.28 Yuhuan Street, Shouzhan New District, Changle, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, P.R.China

Contact person: Ms. Jiang


Fax: +86-591-27561309



. Learning andLivingEnvironment

1. Campus facilities

Located in the center of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone,FUIST boasts a picturesque campus with rich cultural heritage and convenient transportation. The student dormitories have a beautiful environment, and the University provides well-furnished twin rooms for international students, which are equipped with separate balcony, private bathroom, air-conditioner,washing machine,water heater,Internet interface, individual desk, wardrobe etc.

The University's dining halls are well-designed, clean and comfortable. It provides students and faculty with diverse foods in fine quality and at a competitive price around the clock. What’s more, traditional Chinese foods and exquisite western foods are available in the specialty windows.

The campus is well-equipped with library, standard plastic track-and-field ground, tennis court, basketball court, multi-purpose indoor stadium, badminton hall, table tennishall, student recreation center, gymnasium etc.

.Location,Life andCulture

1. Location and transportation

Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade is located in Fuzhou City, capital city of Fujian Province. It is about 23 kilometers away from Fuzhou Changle International Airport, 21 kilometers from South Railway Station of Fuzhou, only2.7kilometers from theChangleRailway Station. What’ more, it is only 4 kilometers from the nearest city center where you can find kinds of shopping centers, the Wal-Mart, theaters, etc.

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